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Nikula has a fast and inexpensive dispute solution.

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Nikula takes some Pro Bono cases.

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Nikula offers experience & knowledge with regard to Corporate, Wealth and Tax

Our Client is a company or a private person looking for an experienced lawyer or who just wants ensure certain things in advance.


  • Individual Tax Returns. Golf-share.
    The prices of golf-shares were dozens of thousands of euro in the 1980’s and in the beginning of the 19th century. Nowadays a golf-share is worth 1 euro. When you sell your golf-share, the financial loss can be several thousand euro. According to the Income Tax Act, financial losses are deductible ... lue lisää


  • FIXIT – Finland and European Union
    Finland is a European Union member State.  The European legal system has been part of the Finnish society since the time when Finland belonged to Sweden.  Nowadays Finland is active in many international issues, and Finland is promoted as a country where Justice prevails. The EU works for a closer ... lue lisää
  • Individual taxation based on unequality?
    Taxation concerning sales profit of one’s home varies. The sale price of condos and apartments consists of (1) the payment to the seller or (2) the payment to the seller and a debt to the limited company maintaining the house. In the past, the transfer tax was payable only on the part of the sale ... lue lisää

Nikula can help You out:

  1.  OmaVero -representative; tax returns, tax appeals
  2.  Drafting terms of contract according to your best standing
  3.  Recognising and avoiding unnecessary risks
  4.  Planning, arranging and restructuring property
  5. Well-reasoned claim for tax rectification to wipe of unfounded tax
  6. Advice and acts related to moving abroad or immigration


Arbitration – You can save time and money by selecting a qualified and competent lawyer to solve the dispute.


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+358 50 341 6562 /Anne Nikula

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