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FIXIT – Finland and European Union

Finland is a European Union member State.  The European legal system has been part of the Finnish society since the time when Finland belonged to Sweden.  Nowadays Finland is active in many international issues, and Finland is promoted as a country where Justice prevails. The EU works for a closer collaboration between the member states – also what come up to taxation. The European legal principle – non-discrimination – means that national authorities should treat foreign corporates equal to national corporates. Although this principle may be forgotten in the grass-root-level, this fundamental principle has ben affirmed by the European Court and accepted by the Finnish government.

How about individuals? Occasionally there has been a lot of fuzz about the level of inheritance tax in Finland.  When the comparision between Finland and other EU countries is done, the tax is high. Especially the wealth of lower middle class families should be excluded from the inheritance tax. There are tax avoidance schmes for the wealthy.

The Brexit is in today’s news – and I think of Fixit.  Considering the state and reputation of Finland, it is stupefying that Finland has been dropped out of the map of the European Union. What is it about?  As a tax expert, I frequently check out the European Union and national level web-sites when I am dealing with a Client case. It is impossible to me to understand that Finland has been wiped off from the EU web-site concerning successions and inheritance tax. The informative EU web-site give a wrong impression about the situation of Finland as a non-European country. This web-site provided correct information about Finnish succession, wills, and taxation…. I used to go through this site with foreigners living in Finland.  By whom Finland was reduced? Who has the interest in keeping secret the reality of the Finnish society?

I can understand the ”exit” of Finland from the said web-site only regarding that somebody wants to conceal the high level of the Finnish inheritance tax compared to other EU countries. Fixit?