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Nikula Legal Ltd was founded in 1992. The activities of the law firm have been based on law cases given by small and medium companies and private persons. When Finland ratified the European Convention on Human Rights, Nikula did familiarize with fundamental rights specially from the aspect of taxation and entrepreneurship. The office was dormant during 2000 – 2018. Nikula Legal was activated again in November 2018.

Nikula Legal carries on the legal tradition of Attorneys-at-Law Nikula & Nikula (Kokkola, Finland).  Mr Immo Nikula, Lagman of the Court of Appeal in Helsinki, is the father and mentor of Anne Nikula, M.LL (qualified Judge), and he has had a huge impact on Anne’s training. Mr Osmo Nikula, advocate in Kokkola, is Anne’s uncle and has forwarded many cases to Anne.  Many Clients are OP Bank’s Private Bank customers as Anne was employed by OP Bank before activating the law firm.

Nikula Legal’s approach is Client oriented and the focus is on professional competence, trust and confidentiality. The office has modern technology, incl. encrypted email system (Deltagon based).

The main office is situated in Helsinki, and another office place is in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

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Name:                               Nikula Legal Oy
Company no:                   0914055-2
Address 1:                        Hevossalmentie 18 D, 00870 Helsinki
Address 2:                        Aulangonkuja 3 A 2, 13220 Hämeenlinna
Phone /lawyer:               +358 50 341 6562 / Anne Nikula
Email /lawyer: