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Nikula Arbitration Process * NAP

Nikula legal provides bespoke arbitration services to those willing to receive the resolution of their disputes. The NAP is an alternative dispute resolution to settle civil disputes outside the Court room.

Just take the NAP!

Simple * Fast * Cost-efficient.

No legal representative is needed if you think you can handle it yourself. The NAP is easy to understand. Just submit the case to Nikula.
Send all documents by an encrypted email – the link will be provided by Nikula


Everything will be kept confidential by Nikula

The Parties may stop the proceeding and agree on mediation or conclude a friendly settlement at any stage of the NAP. Nikula shall fortify the mutual agreement.


Agree on the NAP – or nominate Nikula to be your Arbitrator.

“Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be finally settled by Ms. Anne Nikula, M.LL (qualified Judge), Helsinki, Finland, in accordance with the Nikula Arbitration Process provided by Nikula Legal Ltd.”

NOTE: The NAP has no specific rules; the Parties may agree on what rules are applied. If there is no agreement, the case will be governed by the United Nations Commission on International Law (”UNICITRAL”) Arbitration  Rules.

NOTE:  You can always appoint Ms Anne Nikula, M.LL (qualified Judge)  to be your Arbitrator in any Arbitration Court anywhere. By appointing Nikula, you know the person dealing with your case.


Agree on the NAP – or nominate Nikula to be your Arbitrator.

Send an Application to start the NAP – or make it even faster and send a Joint Application


Case preparation by Nikula.

The other Party shall be given a chance to reply to the Application.
Nikula shall prepare the Facts of the Case as presented by the Parties.


Additional statements and evidence.

You are requested to submit your comments and evidence concerning the Facts of the Case, and submit the final statements.


An oral hearing is arranged on request. And if Nikula considers it necessary to hear the witnesses or to evaluate the evidence.


The Arbitration Award will be sent to you as soon as possible.

The Arbitrator shall give reasons to support the resolution. The resolution (arbitration award) is legally binding on both sides and enforceable

The NAP Arbitrator

Ms Anne Nikula has qualified herself as a Judge in Finland. The Judicial Oath before the Court of Appeal highlights the principle of impartiality. Anne has received an honorary merit granted by the Court of Appeal when she was a trainee judge. She has studied and worked in many different tasks in order to achieve a profound know-how concerning business related judicial cases and to see the cases from various angels. She has international experience. Anne’s presentation and writing skills are excellent. Her analytical way of thinking is of high quality. Her reasoning makes the judgements understandable. Anne plays according to the Western legal principles and values without prejudice.