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Criminal process and fairness

Nikula gave judicial aid to Alexander who had bought an old estate where the seller had left old oil barrels, broken washing machine and other waste and scrap which had been removed by Alexander.  The seller made a complaint to the police, and the prosecutor took the case and prosecuted Alexander for theft. The district court did find Alexander guilty.

Nikula has submitted a complaint to the National Prosecution Authority concerning the prosecutor’s actions. The prosecutor had left out all details in favour of the accused, eg. the environmental harm caused by old oil barrels, claimed that the value of hazardous waste is the same as the value of scrap iron. According to Nikula, the prosecutor has acted as a representative of the plaintiff and contrary the Ethical Code for Prosecutors adopted in the United Nations Congress in Havanna in 1990. The task of a prosecutor is to protect human rights and to strive to ensure the fairness of criminal proceedings.

The decision and the process of the district court has been referred to the Court of Appeal –and also to the prosecution authorities. The process is pending in 2020.

Pro Bono - Domestic violence & divorce

Nikula has supported a lady who was ill-treated physically, mentally and financially by her ex-husband. The story is a tragedy because the lady has also lost her hearing. Her under-aged daughter has also suffered because of her father's behaviour and treatment. The mother and the daugher left their home for a safe house several years ago - having taken only their personal items. The gunea pigs of the daugher were rescued later.

The lady in danger has made it somehow with the help of her parents and friends. The municipal legal aid lawyer is representing Sari in the divorce case.

Nikula drafted a criminal complaint to the Police - and helped to gather the evidence. The process, fear, anxiety, and financial paucity have affected Sari’s health. The criminal process is pending in 2020.




Anne Nikula has been doing Pro Bono since the 1990’s when the consequences of the deep economic depression affected the functions of enterprises and the over-all situation of individuals. Nikula is capable to take only a restricted amount of Pro Bono cases. 

Please, do contact Anne if you wish to support her work.