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We respect the Laws, International Conventions, and fundamental rights of individuals. We respect our Client. We listen to our Client and take into account his wishes. The success of our Client is our primary mission.


We want to act in a right way. We defend strongly the case we believe in. The courage is rewarded after a job well-done. We take this as an opportunity to develop and to look into the future. The professional correctness is not an obstacle to us to say things that are not wanted to be heard.


Our functions are based on Trust. We trust our Client and stand by him immune to corruption. The prerequisite to our functions is that our Client trustes us. The mutual trust is based on openness and honesty. We must be able to handle most difficult things. We keep our Clients matters confidential.  To trust is to be trustworthy.


We carry our responsibility with regard to the Laws, fundamental rights of our Client, and the climate and environmental issues. We strive to be a truly green office.